Marc Guggenheim is the producer and writer behind some of the CW’s most popular content, including the DC Comics adaptions of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. A few years ago he was the source of a rumor that spread like wildfire across the internet. What was that rumor?

The rumor was there were plans for a potential TV series that would see Brandon Routh reprising the Superman role from 2006’s Superman Returns. He would return to the role for a multiversal version of Superman for the Crisis on Infinite Earths event series, but no series was forthcoming. Superman & Lois did go forward, but with different actors, and now that has been canceled.


In a blog post, Guggenheim explained how the story escaped into the wild, based on a seemingly innocuous comment he made:

“A follower asked if I had any promotional photos of [Brandon] Routh as Superman from the Crisis on Infinite Earths event that I showran.

Thinking nothing of it, I posted what I had on my Dropbox and casually mentioned – because I thought it was a fun little nugget – that Brandon and I had talked about some kind of ‘sequel series’ for his version of Superman.

Well, that little comment kinda went viral. A friend of mine, a comic shop owner, texted me that suddenly his Facebook feed was nothing but articles about the comment – some of which exaggerated said comment into a ‘possibility’ (there is none that I can reasonably conceive of) or even ‘talks’ (which haven’t happened, unless you count Brandon’s and my little chats).

I share because it’s (a) an amusing anecdote that demonstrates how even the most innocuous of comments can, occasionally, go viral; and (b) a great example of how much love there still is for the Arrowverse.”

The internet, taking the tiniest nugget and exploding it out to make it a quasi-fact in the eyes of Weberati? That would never happen! In other news, Kathleen Kennedy is getting fired… any day now.

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