It’s hard, isn’t it, watching something you love die. Sony’s horror-thriller Insidious: The Red Door has absolutely terrible reviews, a 37% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a C+ CinemaScore ranking… and yet it is about to topple Indiana Jones And The DIal Of Destiny in only the second week on release for Ford’s final outing as Indy, with little or no competition at the box office.

Red Door is outperforming expectations, scoring a $15.2 million opening day, with $5 million of that coming in previews. Tracking is saying it will hit a $31 million haul, which means Dial of Destiny falls to second place. Indiana Jones earned $7.6 million on Friday for a projected second-weekend total of around $26 million. Next week the big competition rolls in the form of the latest Mission: Impossible movie.


What a good idea this turned out to be.


Driving all of the right people absolutely crazy, Sound of Freedom is tracking for third with around $15 million.

Dial of Destiny carries a cost of around $300 million, meaning that currently, the film falls into the realms of being another box office bomb this summer. The latest rumors on the internet are that producer Kathleen Kennedy is now absent from Lucasfilm on paid leave and her email has been locked out after “insiders” claim to have seen Disney execs storming into Lucasfilm offices in full swing. Disney is said to strongly follow a no-interference policy until they are forced to intervene with their offshoot organizations.

Rumors go on to say that all Star Wars decisions are now back as pending, as her time at the helm is over. These sorts of rumors have swirled for years, so they remain unsubstantiated and likely anti-Kennedy confirmation bias. Nothing is official until Lucasfilm announces it.


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost