INDIANA JONES Spin Off ‘Entirely Possible’

Imagine my shock when I saw that Kathleen Kennedy has been talking about an Indiana Jones spin-off again, starring Pheobe Waller-Bridge. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is out next week, and it should be the last one starring Harrison Ford. I say “should be” as we know Hollywood would sell its own grandmother for a cheap buck.

We have heard all kinds of rumors about the movie. One of the biggest was that Pheobe Waller-Bridge watches old Indy die, takes the hat, and becomes the new Indiana Jones. Not only that, but she then returns all of the items Indy stole from the indigenous people from the previous movies. Does that mean she would have given the sacred stones back to Mola Ram? Anyway, this can’t be true as the director, James Mangold, swore blind it was lies.




The media circus is in full swing for The Dial of Destiny and KK was asked about a Waller-Bridge spin-off movie. Her answer was it’s:

“…entirely possible…”

That means yes, well if KK keeps her job after the public gets to see The Dial of Destiny. Mangold has said he wouldn’t want to direct an Indiana Jones spin-off, saying:

“I’m not interested, I refuse. I just can’t do it. The amount of lore and Easter eggs and fan service starts to become antithetical to any of this stuff at a certain point. It isn’t storytelling anymore. It’s large-scale advertising.”

This is an interesting statement. Does this mean he has put lore and fan services into The Dial of Destiny or he hasn’t bothered with it? If he has, is The Dial of Destiny just ‘large-scale advertising.’? One thing we can all take from this is that the Indiana Jones movies should have stopped in Petra, with the guys riding off into the sunset. A near-perfect trilogy.




I’ve drawn the short straw and will be reviewing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny for you all next week. I’m taking one for the team like a goddamn hero!


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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost