A bit ago I did a little article on the emerging Literally Me genre of movies and I mentioned a YouTube channel that I had been watching that helped me coalesce my ideas into something usable – The Kino Corner. A few hours ago he released a new video essay, this time on the film Brazil.

I know several of you are fans of that film as it gets more and more relevant every minute now. I will link to his latest video at the bottom, although you may want to wait until you are home to watch, His videos are in-depth and way more than the Zoomer-approved 10 minutes in length.

I wanted to do more than mention his channel in an article this time. He deserves his own focus. He produces some of the best-scripted video film essays on YouTube, in my opinion.

These are not hate fests complaining and whining. His content is thoughtful analysis and very deep dives into the films, the stories, the characters, and the technical aspects. He does this without getting into the pedantic, boring territory. I also have to mention that his sense of humor is subtle and perfect. He speaks my language and yours.


Since I am talking about this guy, I know most of you are going to assume he is some kind of autistic freak who talks about exploitation films full of rape, revenge, and horror. We have many crossovers in our tastes but I will risk a guess that we don’t share a taste for B-movie exploitation. He is a big fan of Salo, Or The 120 Days of Sodom, though, much to my surprise.

I don’t count that one as a personal favorite of mine like Boba Phil does. Kino does an excellent serious analysis of its merits. I might not agree with his conclusions on it, but I would be hard-pressed to argue about it with him.

Don’t let that put you off if you hate that kind of film. He talks about many more, very high-quality, mainstream films. He is an appreciator of films that mean something, films that say something. His commentary and analysis are outstanding. I have yet to watch one of his videos and have not learned something new, even on films I am obsessed with myself.

Check him out. He certainly doesn’t need me to shill for him, but I enjoy his content enough to do so. I may even join his Patreon, As of right now, my friend Cecil at GoodBadFlicks is the only content creator I donate to. I think I am going to have to add one more to that shortlist. I think he is that good.

You can get straight to his channel by clicking here.

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