Mace Windu was last seen being electrocuted with force lightning by a Sith Lord, and apparently falling to his death from a great height. While the assumption was that he was dead, there is a lot of fan-fiction short stories and fan art that show him surviving.

In these stories, an injured Windu escapes Order 66 by being presumed dead, but plots his own personal rebellion against the Emperor.


Windu fan art by Quenten Dognon (via Star Wars Artwork)


Now Samuel L. Jackson says he’d be up for a Disney+ series about Mace Windu if they decide to go in that direction.

Jackson, speaking with Empire for the 25th-anniversary issue about the Star Wars prequels, says firmly:

“He’s not dead!!”.

Asked about this potential Mace Windu Disney+ series, he then said:

“Everything yes!”

Star Wars has The Acolyte, Skeleton Crew, and the second season of Andor now in the can and readying for launch. There is Ahsoka season 2 and Lando in development, and then there is the Rey-led New Jedi Order movies.

Is there room for more Mace Windu? Personally, I would rather see that than at least 50% of the stuff I just listed out there.

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