South Korean-based animators Mofac Animation are making King Of Kings. This is an animated family film about the life of Jesus Christ… with a twist. This is based on the work of Charles Dickens. What?

Charles Dickens wrote The Life of Our Lord about Jesus Of Nazareth exclusively for his children. He would read it to them every Christmas. It was a private book and Dickens had forbidden it to be published in his lifetime. The Dickens family would guarantee that they:

“…would never even hand the manuscript, or a copy of it, to anyone to take out of the house.”

His handwritten manuscript was passed down to Georgina Hogarth after Dickens’s death in 1870 and onwards through the family until it came into the possession of Sir Henry Fielding Dickens, Dickens’s last surviving son. The Dickens family would continue to read it every Christmas and, at the author’s request, delayed publication until the last of Dickens’s children had died.


This version of it has been written by Jang and Rob Edwards (The Princess and the Frog) and features Charles Dickens (Kenneth Branagh) and his son Walter (Roman Griffin Davis) embarking on a multi-dimensional adventure through the life of Jesus Christ.

The Dickens and their family cat Willa (Uma Thurman) will meet the apostle Peter (Forest Whitaker) and Jesus Christ himself in a “relatable retelling of the story of Jesus”.

The man himself will be played by Oscar Isaac.

It will be directed by VFX master Seong-ho ‘Jay’ Jang with Anfernee Kim as producer.

It is currently being shopped to distributors.

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