Johansson’s Secret Marvel Project Leak

2024 is a lean year for Marvel, with only Deadpool & Wolverine out this season. To be honest, it feels like the MCU is better for it. Less could well be more for them. Elsewhere, Marvel still has many projects at various stages of development. One of them is something being kept tightly under wraps and set to feature Scarlett Johansson.

Filming is currently underway on Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four starts this summer, and Blade in the autumn. The Johansson project was completely devoid of details so nobody knew what form it might take, and when it would mobilise.

Last year, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed the project exists. Then Johansson herself told last June it was happening but was impacted by the strikes.


This came after ScarJo and Disney had a high-profile falling out over the Black Widow movie and monies owned after that project was pushed to streaming in the pandemic.

Clearly, that disagreement is behind them. Still, the approach and format remained a mystery until Nexus Point News claimed something had been accidentally revealed. As reported by Dark Horizons, Nexux picked up on something that seemingly confirms the project will be a series for Disney+.

According to the report, it was due to a Linkedin reveal where a creative executive at the studio added a line on their resume:

“…serve as an executive on the upcoming TV project Untitled Scarlett Johansson series for Disney”.

Since then, the profile appears to have been edited and Johansson’s name removed. Whoopsie! That will teach you. Linkedin humble-bragging and corporate pole-smoking is fraught with danger.

If we had a Linkedin page, we would simply make it a picture of Phil and Yoda with no pants on.

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