Whenever we talk about the desperate state of Disney Star Wars, there is one comment that always rings out loud from Outposters on Disqus. A variation on the same theme, and that theme is this:

“They should just make an adaption of Knights Of The Old Republic!”

Knights Of The Old Republic is a much-loved video game series that birthed a massively multiplayer online role-playing series that was absolutely huge immediately in the aftermath of the prequel trilogy. A series of games and remakes were available across multiple platforms.


In September 2021, Knights of the Old Republic — Remake, a graphically updated remake of the original game, was announced as in development by Aspyr in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5.

In July 2022, Bloomberg reported that the remake had been delayed indefinitely after Aspyr abruptly fired the game’s art director and design director. Bloomberg stated that this occurred after the vertical slice demo was shown to production partners Sony and Lucasfilm – Aspyr’s studio heads put the project on hold as the demo gameplay “wasn’t where they wanted it to be.”

A complex ownership situation unfolded as is always the case in game development. The rights ended up with Saber Interactive under the umbrella of the Embracer Group, a Swedish media rights and video games rights holding company. Knights Of The Old Republic was parked, presumed on hold indefinitely.

Now comes the news that the Embracer Group is readying to sell developer and publisher Saber to a group of private investors in a deal worth up to $500 million, again according to Bloomberg.

This would mean Saber would then be a privately owned company with around 3,500 employees in total. The report specifically mentions work on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a priority once (if) the deal closes.


Knights Of The Old Republic takes place four millennia before A New Hope and begins as Darth Malak, a Dark Lord of the Sith, unleashes the power of the Sith against the Republic, leaving the Jedi scattered and vulnerable. Many have turned to the Dark Side.

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