I have said a few times how movies make me feel old. Take GoldenEye. I remember going to see that movie so clearly., I remember which theater I went to, who I went with. The drive there, where we went for dinner afterwards. The conversations we had in the theater lobby. All clear as day. So I feel a sense of dread, and the creeping approach of old age and then death, when I consider that it was 28 years ago. More than a quarter of a century! Another movie that is an age marker for me now is Lethal Weapon.

The entire central concept of Lethal Weapon was the weathered cop, close to retirement, being paired with the younger, more reckless, partner. Sergeant Roger Murtagh was already “too old for this shit” in 1987. He had just turned 50 and was looking forward to retirement and his police pension. This is a time in life I am also not a million miles away from, except for the police pension part, and the retiring at 50.

This was also 36 years ago. Shit. I remember watching Lethal Weapon for the first time on VHS at a friend’s house. That friend is now dead… and now I have managed to turn a little bit of movie news into a maudling reflection on mortality and the passage of time.

So moving on…


This time they really, really are too old for this shit, as Lethal Weapon 5 is set to film next year with Mel Gibson directing. He took over directing duties after long-time franchise director Richard Donner passed away. “Scooper” Daniel Richtman reported via World Of Reel that Jez Butterworth (Ford v Ferrari, Edge of Tomorrow) has written the most recent version of the script. The script remains based on Donner’s original idea, which was then developed into a first draft by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back).

Mel Gibson will also star, with Danny Glover reprising his role alongside. The movie is expected to close the franchise and honor the late director. Warner Bros is set to produce. As Gibson is no slouch in the director’s chair, you can’t help but be curious about this.

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