In the livestream this week, we’re going to discuss 1999 and what a great year it was. We will even compare it to another great movie year, 1982. Both years have some amazing movies out in them, but which one was best? If you think we’re way off, come and join us and change our minds.

There is, as always, loads in the news to talk about for the livestream. Will Dune become a trilogy? Denis Villeneuve would like to make it a hat trick. Depending on how Dune 2 goes, it might be one of the best trilogies ever made.

Poor David Ayer, he directed Suicide Squad, then had it butchered by the producers, the fans wanted his cut, but the movie finally broke him. What must it be like working on Hollywood? According to Ayer, it’s not good.

Ahsoka keeps getting worse. Sorry, but we have to talk about that. It’s only been three episodes and it’s not looking good. And we just want to talk about it to annoy Shawn T coz, you know, that’s funny on the livestream.

There are loads of trailers to talk about: The Killer, Ferrari, Zombie Town, Saltburn and more. There’s loads to chat about, so come and join in the fun. You know where and when the livestream is.

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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