In the livestream this week we talk about how the movie industry is in a mess. Writers and actors are on strike, productions have been shut down and actors have even worked away from the Oppenheimer premiere this week. We’ll go into some details about the strike and what the outcome might be.

There’s still loads of movie news to chat about in the livestream. The Sound of Freedom is out and it seems like it’s an amazing movie people should watch. However, some cinemas seem to be having technical issues which means people cannot watch it.

Is seeing Jennifer Garner back as Elektra in Deadpool 3 too little too late? But how good does Wolverine look?

Also on the livestream, There are trailers to talk about, Napoleon, Wonka, Ahsoka, Blue Beetle and The Primevals.

As always, join us for the chat and join in the fun as we roast the marshmallows as Hollywood burns. You know the time and place.

Livestream is at 12pm CST – 6PM UK


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