Livestream: Is FAST X the Best X?

In the Livestream this week, we’re going to be talking about Fast X, the newest of the Fast & Furious movies and not the last. It seems that Fast X will have three parts, so X Part 1, X Part 2, and X Part 3 and we’re not joking. We’ll be seeing if Fast X is as good as the others.

It seems like the layoffs at Disney include some of the people that worked on Lightyear. We, for one, are all shocked. Well… not that shocked. Also at Disney, they are planning a Lion King-verse. There are lots of stories to expand on there, so why come up with something new?

On the Livestream, we’ll also talk about what is going on behind the scenes in the movie industry. It seems like Tom Cruise has been phoning it in and he’s not happy. Arnie has taken over as Chief Action Officer at Netflix. We’ll be asking, what is that exactly?

The French Connection has been edited for modern audiences and no one seemed to notice. Does it matter if older movies are brought in line with today’s values?

In other news, it seems that Armie Hammer has had the charges dropped against him. Will he ever work again in Hollywood?

You know the time and place for the Livestream:

Sunday – 12pm CST / 6pm UK

Be there AND be square

Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost


Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost