Most modern movies are pretty same ol’ same ol’. A good guy versus a bad guy, a car chase, a bit where the protagonist learns something new about himself and the world around him. You don’t get many weird movies any more. This is a shame as they are a real break from the norm and this is what we’ll be discussing on the livestream.

Back in the day, you had weird moves like Eraserhead, Brazil, or Zardoz, to name a few. Movies that were probably the result of some of those special cigarettes some people smoke, or a deep big-brained individual who’s understanding you just don’t appreciate.

On the livestream there is also all the news from the entertainment world to catch up on. It looks like there isn’t going to be a Wonder Woman 3 after all. Gadot said yes, but Gunn said no. This is typical of DC, Henry Cavil saying he’s back as Superman, only to be shot down by Gunn.

Dracula is back, in bat-from in the Last Voyage of the Demeter, we will have a look at the reviews of it. Will Fast & Furious 12 be made? Will Sound of Freedom get a sequel?

You know the time and place for the livestream.

12pm CST – 6pm UK

Be there AND be square.

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