Disney’s Haunted Mansion has been steamrollered by Barbenheimer. It joins the long line of ongoing failure for Disney with a haul of just $9.9 million For Thursday previews and a Friday wide release. It has pulled in $24 million domestic, and $9 million international. $33 million is below its tracking level. This is one of the lowest starts for a Disney live-action reimagining of a theme park attraction or remake of an animated movie.




Soft reviews, a B+ CinemaScore, and a characteristically bloated $150 million Disney budget are all adding up to a bad time at the box office for the House Of Mouse… again. Meanwhile, Barbie just keeps on motoring and now stands at $775 million worldwide. With a small 41% drop in week 2, it is now considered a favorite to join the $1 billion club and has become the Warner Bros. movie with the biggest ever opening week beating The Dark Knight into second place.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer is also riding high with a 44% fall and the biggest-ever second weekend for an R-rated movie, beating out Deadpool 2. It broke the $400 million worldwide mark by Sunday night.

With Haunted Mansion in at #3, Sound of Freedom holds on in fourth spot with another $13.3 million, this is still just from a domestic opening. An international bow is being planned.

Bad news for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. A $300 million budget means the current $445 million global haul is not enough, and coming in fifth with $11.1 million is not going to propel that movie to profit at the box office.

A limited release for A24s Australian horror film Talk to Me snared rave reviews but a strong opening of around $9-9.5 million from a low number of screens to secure sixth-place.

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