We are starting to like Guy Ritchie here at Last Movie Outpost. After so memorably exploding onto the scene with Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch back in the late 1990s, he seemed to have something of a wobble. An awful movie starring his then-wife, Madonna, was joined by movies that seemed like parodies of his own Cockney Crime Caper roots.

He had ups and downs across things like his pair of Sherlock Holmes movies, The Man From UNCLE, and his aborted King Arthur franchise before a real upswing began. When he was chosen by Disney to make a live-action adaptation of Aladdin, everyone wondered what the hell was going on.


Then he knocked that, a musical fantasy, out of the park with an unbelievable level of confidence. The Gentleman was a blistering return to form in his favorite genre, and then he gave us things like Wrath Of Man and The Covenant.

So you look at his filmography and you start to ask yourself – is he the real deal?

Next up for him is a World War 2 action film – The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. It is based on the true story of UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s and James Bond author Ian Fleming’s secret WWII combat organization – the Special Operations Executive.

The clandestine squad’s unconventional and ‘ungentlemanly’ fighting techniques against the Nazis helped change the course of the war. Alongside the establishment of the first special forces teams in the shape of the SAS, this gave birth to the modern Black Ops unit.


The movie stars Henry Cavill, Henry Golding, Alan Ritchson, Alex Pettyfer, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Eiza Gonzalez, Cary Elwes, Babs Olusanmokun, Til Schweiger, Henry Zaga, Mohammad Nour Hakmi, and Babs Olusanmokun. Paul Tamasy, Eric Johnson, Arash Amel, and Ritchie adapted the book based on war correspondent and military historian Damien Lewis’ best-seller of the same name.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman, Ivan Atkinson, and John Friedberg join Ritchie as producers.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare premieres in cinemas on April 19th.

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Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost