MONARCH Season 2 Has Choices

So that’s a wrap! Monarch: Legacy of Monsters concluded its run this week on Apple TV+. Showrunner Chris Black confirmed a few things, including what might be next for the world of Godzilla and friends.

Speaking to TV Line he said:

“We do not have a Season 2 order. This show has done very well, so we’re optimistic and excited. We feel we have more story to tell.”

Season one came in ahead of Apple TV+ big hitters like Silo, Slow Horses, and The Morning Show so signs are good.


He also talked about the split timeline in the show, moving between the 1950s and the 2010s to tell the story:

“I don’t know. Matt Faction and I are kind of having those conversations now, like, ‘What would be a story we could tell if we’re given the opportunity to tell it?’

I think we really like the idea of running parallel timelines. I think it worked as a conceit in the first [season], and Monarch, as we said, has a long history, there are other eras to explore.

That’s one lesson HBOs Westworld failed to learn. An interesting and intriguing narrative device that supported the story in season one became a confusing distraction and an exercise in writers huffing their own farts in season two, and ultimately led to the downfall of what was, in the first season, one of the best shows on TV at the time.

If Monarch runs from the late-1940s to the present day, what was it like in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s…? As a mechanism to tell the history of Monarch and the Randa family within it, I personally enjoyed it. I would love, if we are given the opportunity, to exploit it more. I thought it was fun.”

So they won’t be giving up on it just yet. But if you have Kurt Russell on board you use him, and they already confirmed that he spent most of the intervening years in a secure facility. Black confirms they want to delve deeper into Toho’s roster of monsters if they go further:

“Moving into a potential second season, there are a lot of other great [monsters]. There’s Kong, there’s Rodan, Mothra…. And Toho has a deep bench, too, of lesser-known characters – Ebirah, Biollante, Hedorah…. It could be any of these characters.”

The whole first series of Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters is now available on Apple TV+.

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