The NAKED GUN Remake Is Dated

A while back we reported on a remake of The Naked Gun that was on the way, with Liam Neeson taking on the role from the incomparable Leslie Nielsen. Things then went a bit quiet for a while until this appeared earlier:

So that’s the remake we were dying for?

Wait a minute, The Naked Gun starring Leslie Nielson is getting remade starring Liam Neeson? The matrix gets lazy sometimes. The original Naked Gun movies are still bonafide classics, second only to the original Airplane! which cemented Leslie Nielson as a geat comedic actor, something he was never thought of until the immortal line:

“I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.”

Liam Neeson has done some comedy in tiny cameo roles or exaggerated action personas in comedic movies. Can he pull this kind of thing off? Let’s hope so, we don’t need him to revert to another damn Taken movie. He’s run that genre dry. Seth McFarlane’s track record on comedies has been less than .500 with only the first Ted movie standing out. He last collaborated with Neeson on the execrable A Million Ways to Die in the West.


We’ll see if this is any good in July of 2025. Or if it even gets past the tweet stage. I look forward to seeing which future murderer plays Nordberg.

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