Jurassic World could, should, have been a series of some of the greatest movies ever made. The narrative through line that starts with a fully operational, open-to-the-public Jurassic theme park and ends with the dinosaurs escaping into the wild, among wider mankind, should have been absolutely epic. Action, thrills, and dinosaurs eating people alongside a rumination on the consequences of man playing God? Sign me up!

Instead, it collapsed into a pile of nonsense about domesticated velociraptors and overly large locusts. Spectacular Hollywood shitting of the bed.

Still, they won’t give up. After all, what good is an IP if a Hollywood executive can’t hold it down and violate it? So Universal Pictures will return to that self-poisoned well once again. According to The Hollywood Reporter they have hired original Jurassic Park screenwriter David Koepp to write an all-new Jurassic World movie.


The reports say this is further along than anyone might have imagined. According to the reports, the project is already deep into the development stage and the script exists, said to be in enough of a “well-liked shape” that the studio could enter production this year for a 2025 release.

No director is set, but veteran Jurassic producers Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley are on board, with Steven Spielberg executive producing.

Reports also refer to it as a “new era”, so breaking from the movies starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. It is rumored to still be set in the same universe, though.

With $6 billion in worldwide grosses, the Jurassic Park/World franchise is #11 on the list of the top grossing franchises of all time, in the same bracket as Batman and X-Men.

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