As usual, it was the tie-in promotional stuff that gave it away. Some promo art for Captain America: Brave New World in Portuguese seems to have dropped the identity of a villain who had been quietly rumored a while back.

A report in The Direct is quoting an Instagram account that collects fast food-related merchandise – Colecionaveis Fast Food – which shared pictures of eight toys based on the movie that will be available with the McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Those figures include more than one version of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as Captain America, there is his shield, a flying drone or vehicle, Danny Ramirez’s Joaquin Torres as the new Falcon, Shira Haas’ Ruth, and a Red Hulk.


The final toy is the one that people who know about these things noticed. The Portuguese language page listed the character as “Cascavel”, which is Portuguese for Rattlesnake.

So this, along with the black and purple colors, means we are getting the MCU’s version of Rachel Leighton/Diamondback in Captain America: Brave New World.

In the comics, Diamondback was a member of the Serpent Society and was a sometimes foil, sometimes romantic entanglement for Steve Rogers’ Captain America. She also appeared in more recent stories alongside Wilson’s version.


Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader, back from 2008s The Incredible Hulk, is expected to be the main adversary.

Captain America: Brave New World arrives in theaters on February 14th 2025.

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