Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe were Nice Guys back in 2016. I’m sure they are still very nice today, but it looks like there won’t be a sequel because of Angry Birds.

Nice Guys was an off-beat comedy about two mismatched private eyes. It did rather well at the box office, but not as well as it should have. It opened against Angry Birds, the popular app on a mobile phone that young people seem to enjoy.

It should have been a slam dunk, but Angry Birds out-performed Nice Guys and it was the birds that got a sequel. Ryan Gosling talked about this in an interview with Comicbook.com. He was promoting new movie, The Fall Guy, and Nice Guys came up:

“So much of a sequel, I think, is decided by the opening weekend of a movie, and we opened up against Angry Birds. So Angry Birds just destroyed us. Angry Birds got a sequel.”

Overall, Nice Guys made $11 million on its opening weekend and then $70 million worldwide. Angry Birds made $38 million that same weekend and then $350 million worldwide.

One was a well-written, well-acted comedy and the other was about Angry Birds. Shane Black wrote and directed the original and there was talk of a sequel, but Hollywood followed the money. Shocking.

While looking around for images for this article, I found this. There’s a protestor with a sign saying For The Birds in the background.

For the birds!

For the birds!

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