Cobra Kai has featured returns from just about everyone important in the entire history of The Karate Kid who is still alive today. So with the sixth and final season being shot, will the final missing person on the roster make an appearance?

The person in question is The Next Karate Kid star Hilary Swank. Her fourth entry into the original franchise was widely panned. It featured Michael Ironside leading some poorly defined team of high school paramilitaries and there was even a bungee attack on a school dance via aerial silks. I am not making this up.


Fans have been asking for her return since it became clear the show was going to feature a whole host of returning characters. Speaking with Collider to promote her latest project – Ordinary Angels – which opens this week, she says she gets asked about it a lot but has bad news when asked if she’s coming back:

“I don’t think I am, unfortunately. I know. It’s, like, the number one question I get right now. Most people usually say, ‘What’s it like working with Clint Eastwood?’ But I think, ‘Are you going to be on Cobra Kai has almost surpassed that?’”

There is also a new take on the story via a new film that will bring together the two “universes”, the original / Cobra Kai side of things with the Jackie Chan / Jaden Smith kung-fu reboot. This will star Ben Wang as a Chinese teenager who resides on the East Coast and seeks direction through martial arts.

Both the final season of Cobra Kai and this new film are targeting a late 2024 release. When asked about the new movie, it was news to Swank:

“Is there a new Karate Kid being made? What are they calling it? Because I was The Next Karate Kid.”

So it is safe to say she won’t be in that, either.

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