Odenkirk and Wheatley Team For NORMAL

Bob Odenkirk could be developing a sideline as the go-to guy when you want somebody to play the unassuming, quiet everyman that maybe they should have left alone. Nobody was tremendous fun. Now Odenkirk is to team up with the writer of Nobody and John Wick, Derek Kolstad.

They will both be joined by Ben Wheatley (Free Fire, Meg 2: The Trench) as the director for Normal, a Western crime thriller that will apparently feature a different kind of hero.


Odenkirk will play Ulysses, who the press pack refers to as “the substitute teacher of the sheriff world”. Running away from something in his past, he has taken over as sheriff in the sleepy town of Normal following the untimely death of the town’s original lawman.

When the town’s bank is robbed by outsiders, Ulysses uncovers a deep criminal conspiracy at the heart of Normal and realizes that everyone in town, from the barman to the priest, is in on it.

In publicity, Odenkirk compares the film to the early Bourne movies and said it:

“…has a quality to it that I don’t think I’ve seen in an action movie in ever in forever.”

Normal will launch sales at Berlin’s European Film Market next week.

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