In the not-too-distant future, it looks like no one will be able to Breathe. Well, according to a new movie coming out at least. I don’t think it looks all that breathtaking. See what I did there? On this new dystopian future earth, it seems oxygen has run out and, of course, everyone goes around killing each other. The full plot outline is:

Air-supply is scarce in the near future, forcing a mother and daughter to fight to survive when two strangers arrive desperate for an oxygenated haven.

Here is the trailer:

Breathe stars Milla Jovovich, Sam Worthington, Common, Jennifer Hudson, Raul Castillo and James Saito. The director is Stefon Bristol and the writer is Doug Simon, both are relative unknowns at the moment. Bristol said to People Magazine that Breathe is a personal story and:

“The more personal, the more universal. We want to scare the audience to realize that the Earth can end tomorrow. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children.”

Who would have thought that the world would end on a Wednesday? This will be Bristol’s feature film debut. Previously, he won a Film Independent Spirit Award for his 2017 short film, See You Yesterday.

Is it just me, or does someone like Jovovich add a slight sense of… crappiness to it? She’s been in some awful movies. The last one I remember was the totally forgettable remake of Hellboy. I know she’s hot, but that’s about it, her movies are fun B-movies, at best.

Breathe will be in theatres on the 26th of April. Personally, I’ll hold my breath until it’s on streaming.


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