Paramount+ And Peacock Eye Merger

The streaming wars were only ever going to end one way. Market saturation, unsustainable production costs, subscriber growth stalls… consolidation. It’s going to happen. The only question was ever who would be the first. Now we may have our answer, as according to The Wall Street Journal, rival streaming services Paramount+ and Peacock are considering a merger.

Paramount Global and Comcast recently held early talks to explore the viability of uniting the services as a single joint venture. It is very, very early days with no details about branding. This is the early ideas stage, not even formal negotiations, just a conversation to scope out mood and the art of the possible.

Corporate clip art doesn’t get more exciting than this.


The two companies are not strangers to each other. They have a working relationship serving content together overseas on territories that Peacock and Paramount+ do not operate in. This is as SkyShowtime.

Paramount has been at the center of increased M&A talk lately. Rumors of potential buyouts or an acquisition of the brand have be swirling lately. Comcast has been mentioned as a potential buyer for Paramount Global.

Peacock has 31 million subscribers, and Paramount+ has just over 63 million, and a bigger global reach than Peacock. You could also argue that Paramount+ has a stronger lineup of shows.

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