Monkey Man is getting great reviews and has put Dev Patel on the directorial map. He was already building a good rep as an actor. Now the British actor is apparently in talks to appear in the next Jurassic World / Park movie.

Universal has fast-tracked the project and scooper Daniel Richtman, as reported at World of Reel, broke the story. He also claims the project has a title. Or at least a working title. Jurassic City.


This means he would co-star with Scarlett Johansson in the Gareth Edwards (The Creator, Rogue One) movie. Sky Studios in Elstree, UK have been booked for this summer for the production. The screenplay was written by David Koepp. Koepp wrote the original two Spielberg efforts along with Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, and War Of The Worlds.

This script got Universal so excited that the fast-script for this. It is said to exist in the same continuity as the previous movies but takes place several years after the events of Dominion, and does not feature any of the cast of those movies.

Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Patrick Crowley are producing. Jurassic City, if that holds as a title, arrives on July 2nd 2025 release date.

We would be extremely surprised if Jurassic City is the real title. That was a 2015 direct-to-video effort from Sean Cain, starring Robocop’s Ray Wise. Richtman may have been taken in here.


Monkey Man is out right now.

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