Chernobyl and The Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin previously confirmed he was working on a screenplay for a new Pirates Of The Caribbean adventure with original writer Ted Elliot. He had described it as a seriously “out there” idea and he was surprised Disney was going for it.

Then last month producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the franchise was undergoing a full reboot. As we always guessed, the much-vaunted Margot Robbie-led reboot and various other variations were dead. People want pirates to be all pirate-y.


While no director is yet locked, the rumor mill has started to swirl that Disney Pictures wants Elvis star Austin Butler for the lead. He was recently spoken about for the live-action adaptation of 1997’s Hercules, but it turns out that they want him for Pirates Of The Caribbean instead, according to a report on DisInsider.

The issue is that, much as Hollywood might still feel like they want to cut him off, Johnny Depp and his performance as Jack Sparrow pretty much IS Pirates Of The Caribbean. Without Captain Jack, you potentially just have Cutthroat Island 2: The Search For Box Office.

If you are going to relaunch, you need that central hook somehow. The question is, where do you find it?

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