As we drown in sub-standard cape and tights fare, big franchise releases that splutter and fail, and entertainment so soaked in “the message” as to be sodden and limp, it is easy to forget that about 18 months ago one show got things so very, very right – Reacher.

Season one of Reacher still ranks among Prime Video’s top five most-watched series ever in the U.S. and globally. It was one of the most-binged original series ever on Prime Video, making the big-budget Lord Of The Rings spin-off look a little silly in the process.

“Excuse me, I asked for the XXXXXXXL t-shirt!”


It turns out that respecting the source material, casting sensibly, and staying focused on telling the story rather than sharing the various feelings of various creatives brings enormous benefits. Who could possibly have guessed?

Now a tease for a trailer has been dropped. The trailer is due out later today ahead of the show’s expected arrival on Prime in time for Christmas. The release date is currently under wraps, but is expected tobe revealed in the full trailer.

This new season is based on Lee Child’s 11th book in the series. Bad Luck and Trouble sees Reacher setting out to find answers when members of his old military unit turn up dead. In the process, he tangles with arms dealers and private military contractors.

Alan Ritchson and Maria Sten return from season one as Jack Reacher and Frances Neagley. Due to the Ronin-like nature of Reacher as a character, none of the other co-stars from season one will feature.

Robert Patrick, Shaun Sipos, Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley, and Domenick Lombardozzi co-star this time around. Patrick plays a former NYPD detective turned head of security for a private military contractor.

With more than 100 million copies and counting shipped, it is estimated that one Jack Reacher book is sold every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world. Proof that expertly crafted, straightforward airport thrillers still drive fiction publishing.


The full trailer just released, and here it is!


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