The Road House remake that recently graced Amazon Prime was an adequate use of two hours of an evening on the couch, but it wasn’t Road House. It had none of the epic cheesiness, the philosophy cribbed from the back of a packet of cornflakes, the amusing roster of characters, or the boobs for those of you who had twenty bucks, of the Patrick Swayze original.

Still, it has done big numbers for Amazon, so a sequel is coming whether we like it or not. Jake Gyllenhaal will reprise his role as Elwood Dalton. Doug Liman could potentially return. No news on other co-stars returning. Elwood killed a few of them. Daniela Melchior and Jessica Williams survived.

Road House

Amazon MGM Studio chief Jennifer Salke dropped this bomb on an advertised call this morning:

“As we saw this spring the world went crazy for a little movie called Road House. Nearly 80 million viewers globally have watched Road House. We like to watch this these results like a baby.”

Road House became the studio’s most-watched film debut ever worldwide.

Now that Amazon Prime is in the ads business, numbers like this matter.

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