Quentin Tarantino said he was only going to make ten movies. That probably sounded pretty good, esoteric, and mysterious when a young filmmaker making exciting waves in Hollywood. Now, many years later, he is probably feeling a little silly for putting a hard stop to his career. Will he honor it? If he does then the upcoming directorial project The Movie Critic, his first movie since 2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will be his last.


The Movie Critic is rumored to be set in late 1970s Los Angeles with a female lead at its center. It was speculated this would be about legendary critic Pauline Kael. Tarantino has denied this, saying the critic at the center of the story is not based on a real person. Other than this, nothing was known about Tarantino’s latest / last movie… until now. Paul Schrader has been out doing the promotion for Master Gardener and has let something slip. He was speaking to Indiewire and said that Tarantino recently asked him for permission to pay homage in The Movie Critic to a movie Schrader wrote. Rolling Thunder:

“[T]his may have changed – but about a month ago he was making a film, had something to do with filmmaking in the ’70s. And part of this, he’s going to use clips from movies from the ’70s, but he’s also gonna remake movies from the ’70s. And he asked me, ‘Can I redo the ending of ‘Rollling Thunder?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, go for it. I’d love to see you redo the ending of “Rolling Thunder.”‘ Who knows whether he actually will or not. But it was something that was tickling his imagination in a very Tarantino-esque way.”

Rolling Thunder is a bleak 70s revenge thriller about a Vietnam-vet and ex-POW seeking revenge. It ends with a famous shootout in a brothel. So the question now is how will Tarantino use elements of Rolling Thunder in a movie entitled The Movie Critic?

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