Roundtable Entertainment has locked in a late 2023 production start date for George A. Romero’s final zombie feature, Twilight of the Dead. Coming after the iconic Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, and Day Of The Dead were the less good Land Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead, and Survival Of The Dead.




The project has the full blessing of the Romero estate. Romero had written a treatment for the movie before he passed in 2017. Joe Knetter, Robert Lucas, and Paolo Zelati, who also worked on the treatment with Romero, finished up the script.

The movie will shoot on Puerto Rico and tell the story of the last humans on earth, on a tropical island, caught between factions of the undead. The usual Romero sociopolitical commentary will be present, allowing some viewers to feel cleverer than they are, and you can also expect a sparse electronic soundtrack and some gore.

Negotiations are underway with an unnamed director, and casting had begun before the strikes. An interim agreement is now being sought.

Suzanne Romero, John Baldecchi, Sarah Donnelly, Paolo Zelati, and Stephanie Caleb will produce. Just to confuse matters, and because Hollywood gonna Hollywood, there is also an entirely unconnected sequel to Night Of The Living Dead in the works over at MGM with Nikyatu Jusu (Nanny, African Booty Scratcher) in the director’s chair. The Romero estate isn’t involved in that project at all. According to Wikipedia:

“Jusu’s works center on the complexities of Black female characters and in particular, displaced, immigrant women in the United States.”

No doubt that the sequel will also lean heavily into the sociopolitical, too.

Source: Deadline