SAG-AFTRA Policing Halloween

This is the trouble with Unions. They start off as a good thing that stops Baron-like industrialists from completely breaking the backs of their workforce. They get things like paid vacation, maternity leave, and workplace health & safety. Then they go too far, and before you know it they are making themselves look silly by telling people what they can and can’t wear for Halloween.

The actor’s union SAG-AFTRA has announced guidelines for what its members should not wear for Halloween. Potentially popular characters are verboten by the commissars as they are classed as “Struck Content”.

Barbie and Marvel superheroes are on the list. Even Oppenheimer. You can picture the conversations now:

“Daddy, can you dress up as Spider-Man when you take me trick or treating?”

“No, sorry son… the union says I can’t wear that.”

I mean, do they have even the tiniest concept of just how f@cking ridiculous this makes them look? When you are trying to garner support for our cause, this kind of thing undermines their entire position with overzealousness.

They have even issued guidelines on what to choose instead. Members are advised to select costumes inspired by generalized characters such as ghost, zombie, spider…

You know, there are other people who are really, really keen on the power of the workers who think they can control people’s choices and appearance.



The strike is It’s presumed projects under an interim agreement with SAG-AFTRA are also presumably in bounds. Striking actors are prohibited from doing press for struck shows and films.

The SAG-AFTRA strike is ongoing after talks broke down last week. A group of A-list actors, led by George Clooney. apparently presented a proposal to SAG-AFTRA leadership during a Zoom call about how to resolve the strike.

“It’s OK, the actors have got this…”


There was then a follow-up call. According to sources, this did not go well. Ahhh, actors, is anything they cannot do?



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