I’m not saying I’m old, but I remember the first Scream movie and how enjoyable it was. That was back in 1996, before the dark times, before the Empire.

Scream Stans will be out in their dozens with Scream 7 on the way, but now with some big changes. This is a series that just won’t die. The plan was to have Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega take the baton from Neve Campbell.

We're not back?

We’re not back?

Who’s Out? Who’s In?

Reports show that Barrera was dropped from the franchise, apparently for comments she made about the Israel-Hamas conflict, sorry, I mean “creative differences”. It now looks like Ortega will not be in the 7th movie either.

Originally, it was reported that the actress had scheduling conflicts.

However, according to Variety, Ortega asked for a substantial pay raise for Scream 7. This didn’t work out and they dropped her. Neve Campbell did the same for Scream 6, hence why she was barely in the 6th movie.

Instead of having Sydney Bristow (Campbell) handing the baton to Sam and Tara Carpenter (Barrera and Ortega), it looks like Sydney will be back as the lead. There must have been some grovelling in that negotiation, from both sides.

On top of that, director Christopher Landon was down for Scream 7. With Barrera and Ortega gone, he has now dropped out of the project as well.

On top of that, Courtney Cox will be back as Gale Weathers. Next week, on Days of Our Lives.

Ghostface is back...oh, wait. That's Courntey Cox!

Ghostface is back…oh, wait. That’s Courntey Cox!

A New Scream 7

With all of this going on, a completely new script is being written by Kevin Williamson, which now brings Sydney back face-to-face with Ghostface. They obviously had a plan for the franchise, being able to bring in new characters as time went on.

However, those pesky celebrities and their personal opinions about things, mean they have to be careful who they cast. You can’t have one of your main stars going about making political statements or asking for money. How dare they!

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