When they make a critically acclaimed, limited series based upon some best-selling source material, you just know Hollywood is gonna Hollywood and think they can do it again, all by themselves. James Clavell never wrote a sequel to his famous novel Shogun, but that won’t stop them.

Gai-Jin, Tai-Pan, and King Rat were all different characters at different times. So somewhere, someone is already working on Shogun 2 without source material to guide them.

We know this because Deadline is reporting that series lead Hiroyuki Sanada has signed a deal to return as Lord Yoshii Toranaga for a second season.


The report also says that part of the reasoning is that Emmy submissions are due soon, and the limited series category is thought to contain potential stiff competition. A second series would place it in the drama series category.

That’s right. They will risk tarnishing their televisual legacy simply so they can go and suck each other’s cocks at an awards ceremony. Such a perfect encapsulation of Hollywood in one microcosm.

9 million global views FX’s No. 1 entertainment series internationally was not enough for them.

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