3 Body Problem was released on Netflix in March. It seems to divide audiences. Some tuned in wanting an alien invasion series and were disappointed with what they found. Others appreciated the more cerebral nature of what was presented. Some were left scratching their heads at the seemingly unresolved multiple plot points.

Season one was in the Netflix top 10 for seven weeks and was at the very top for three weeks. So everyone expected it would be renewed. Netflix, however, announced simply “additional episodes to finish the story” – which some speculated to mean that maybe a few episodes would be allowed.

It turns out there is a reason why the announcement was somewhat vague. The showrunners cannot reveal how many episodes there will be yet, but it is not a few. It is for whole seasons to finish the adaption of the books.


3 Body Problem tells the story of a threat to our existence that develops when Ye Wenjie, a Chinese astrophysicist, sees her father beaten to death during a struggle session in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. She makes an emotionally charged and fateful decision to respond to what may be contact from an alien planet.

The effects of this are felt in the present day, as humanity slowly discovers that a threat is approaching from this alien planet. The twist is that they will take 400 years to get here, but are already locked in a Cold War with the people of Earth to prepare for their arrival.

David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo will all return as showrunners. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter they confirmed the original plan to adapt the next two novels as seasons still stands:

Weiss: “We knew going into this how many hours we need to tell the rest of the story because we’ve got a roadmap through to the end, and we have what we need to get to the end as intended from when we started.

Benioff: By the time we finish with the show, it will be seven years we’ve devoted to it. We’re now at a place where we get to tell the rest of the story, and, yes, we have enough time to tell the rest of the story the way we want to and that’s immensely gratifying.”

So one way or another, it looks as if we will get to see how this all ends.

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