Rebel Moon might be being savaged by critics and audiences alike, but that doesn’t stop Zack Snyder from being everywhere right now.

You can’t pick up a copy of Empire, log onto Variety, or browse The Hollywood Reporter without seeing his face. A master of self-promotion, perhaps? Even his very presence is almost the Zackiest, most Snydery thing in the world.


Always seemingly thinking about his next projects even as the dust settles on  the current one, he is now setting his sights on one of the biggest movie franchises in the world – James Bond:

“It’d be cool to see, like, 20-year-old James Bond. The humble roots that he comes from. Whatever trauma of youth that makes you be able to be James Bond. There has to be something there.”

In the same interview, with The Atlantic, Snyder also says he agrees with the concept of superhero fatigue and that he thinks comic book adaptations are in a “cul-de-sac”now.

He blames the obsession with vast and interconnected universes rather than a focus on self-contained stories.

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