You all know about Sound Of Freedom and its apparent place on the front lines of the ongoing culture war. We have covered it here at length, and it has been debated ad infinitum in the Disqus among Outposters who are never ones to back down from an argument. It’s in their DNA. However, it shows no signs of dying down out there in normo world, either. New revelations and actions just keep providing everyone with the gasoline required to approach the raging inferno, cackling maniacally, with mischief on their minds.

On one side, former (and potentially future) President Trump attended a special screening of the movie. This was held at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Wednesday night. Trump was deliberately positioned front and center, alongside Tim Ballard and star Jim Caviezel in a move clearly designed to both whip up his base and drive his detractors into their usual crazed state. Everyone just keeps on falling for it.

Meanwhile, new information has come to light this week that really doesn’t help those assembled against the movie. So-called “Hit Pieces” against the film have been widespread in the left-of-centre media, with more suspicious observers pointing to the commonality of talking points as evidence of coordination.




One of the hit pieces widely praised by those opposing the movie, and held up as the most effective, was an opinion piece carried by Bloomberg. This article referred to Sound Of Freedom as a QAnon “dog whistle” and a right-wing conspiracy fantasy. Fair enough. Everyone has an opinion. However, it didn’t take too long for some disturbing facts to come to light centered on the author of this article, which was the most vigorous of those countering the movie.



The author is Noah Berlatsky. In 2021 he was named the communications director at Prostasia, a non-profit organization that has a mission statement centered on protecting children from sexual abuse. However now that people are taking a closer took at the organization, they noticed this runs counter to their published content.




They have published pieces lamenting the FOSTA legislation and its stigmatization of pedophiles, using the term “Minor Attracted Persons” and “MAP” instead of the word pedophile. It has also created a safe space for pedophiles, which it calls the MAP Support Club Partnership. When it comes to Berlatsky himself, the author of the critical article attacking Sound Of Freedom, previous works and social media posts have now started coming to light.

In 2016, he published a piece titled Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police in The New Republic which disputes the idea that all children in the sex trade are victims of human trafficking, and makes the suggestion that minors should be free to work in the trade.




In other social media posts, Berlatsky has spoken out against the stigmatization of pedophiles, been a vocal supporter of “trans-kids”, and taken aim at the relationship between parents and their children, a now-noted tactic to leverage gender dysphoria in minors to open the door to grooming.



Bloomberg has not commented on these revelations, but it is becoming clear why their piece was one of the most vitriolic in its denunciation of The Sound Of Freedom once the personal positions of the author come to light. Expect the focus on Barbie, including the culture war messages inherent in its rumored plot, to be amped up to eleven in the coming days to ensure everyone is focused in a different direction.



This is not a good look for Bloomberg, and gives plenty of ammunition to those who are noticing something is not quite right.

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