Sony’s attempts to launch its SPUMC everywhere have ended in disappointment and disaster. Morbius and Madame Web are now punchlines in the movie-making pantheon. It is only a matter of time before Kraven The Hunter sends Aaron Taylor-Johnson potentially running off to join the world of James Bond.

The stench of comedic failure is attached to the entire enterprise and showed those Sony e-mails were probably indicative of something.

One bright spot does remain. Their collaborations with Marvel Studios on the core Spider-Man movies, firmly anchored in the MCU, are both critically and commercially successful. So after a couple of years of speculation, it looks like they are breaking glass in case of emergency and reaching for Spidey once more.


According to scooper Daniel Richtman and CBM, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are targeting a late September filming start for the fourth Tom Holland-led Spider-Man. Reports also say the movie could be accelerated into theaters in late 2025. That would be one hell of a turnaround for such a project. This confirms earlier rumblings that the new Spider-Man was spinning up.

Reports say that despite Drew Goddard and Justin Lin seeming to tule themselves out, an offer has been made to a director but they are not named.

What odds would you get for a Sam Raimi return to the world of Spider-Man after his recent re-engagement with Marvel for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Mayhem?

Spider-Man: No Way Home was a smash hit, pulling in nearly $2 billion against a $200 million budget and forming the last real out-and-out success for the MCU before Phase 4 went completely off the rails. With a “creative” reset underway at Marvel for the MCU, and this year’s Deadpool & Wolverine being their only major release, can Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four turn things around?


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