The Amazon upfront in New York continues to bear breaking fruit. They made it official, Nicolas Cage will return as Spider-Man Noir in a live-action Amazon Prime Video series from MGM. This is a confirmation of previous rumors.

Spider-Man Noir is, in comics, part of the Marvel Noir universe (Earth-90214). This is an alternate version of Spider-Man that emerges in a version of New York during the Great Depression.

While investigating a smuggling ring, Peter Parker is bitten by what seems to be a highly venomous spider housed inside a spider-god idol. Falling unconscious, Parker has a vision of the spider-god promising him power. He then awakes inside a cocoon and emerges from it, now possessing super-human abilities similar to a spider.


As the feared vigilante “the Spider-Man,” Parker wages a one-man war against the criminal underworld in New York City, partly to avenge the deaths of his uncle Ben Parker at the hands of the cannibal Adrian Toomes and his mentor Ben Urich at the hands of the city’s major crime lord, Norman Osborn.

His first appearance outside of comics was in the 2010 video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. In the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man he was voiced by actor Milo Ventimiglia, before Cage took on voicing duties for both of the animated Spider-Verse films.

In this version, he is an older, grizzled superhero who is aging and down on his luck.

Spider-Verse producers and The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will produce, alongside Spider-Man limpet, former Sony studio chief Amy Pascal. Steve Lightfoot (The Punisher) serves as co-showrunner alongside Oren Uziel (The Lost City).

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