Chad Stahelski. There is a name that drives a Mustang, owns many firearms, and lives life by its own rules, probably a quarter mile at a time… or something. If your parents named you Chad Stahelski then you had no other career options open to you but stuntman or fighter pilot. Stahelski chose the former, and became a stuntman. This led him to his current career as a director and movie producer.


Is it just us, or is Keanu starting to resemble a haunted teddy bear?

As such, he has a massive “to-do” list building up with a number of projects on the go. He sat down with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast over the weekend and gave some updates on these projects.

Ghost of Tsushima

Stahelski says the challenge is getting people to understand the game’s significance and respecting that:

“This is one of the most beautiful video games ever made, so it’s a challenge to not do less than the guys over at Sucker Punch [game developers] have done.


It’s using all Japanese and all Asian cast for the Mongols and get the rest of the world behind that, that’s a cool thing to do. It doesn’t have to be all subtitled or all English, like there’s a way to express that because I think if anyone knows the game it’s a fantastic story, it’s an incredible myth, it ties into some very specific Japanese mythology, but at the same time its got a story that transcends any kind of nationality.”

So does this mean it is next up, or delayed? Decision pending, apparently.



So what of Highlander? Henry Cavill was tapped up to play the lead in what was supposed to be a reboot to remove the stain of the sequels and simplify the mythology back to its original intent. So where are they?

“I think we have some very good elements now. The trick is when you have the tagline ‘there can only be one’, you can’t just kill everybody the first time. I’ll say it for you first, our story engages a lot of the same characters and stuff like that, but we’ve also brought in elements of all the TV shows, and we’re trying to do a bit of a prequel, a setup to The Gathering, so we have room to grow the property.”

So… not simplifying it back to the original intent then? Got it!

John Wick 5

**Spoilers For John Wick 4**

Hold up! John Wick is dead. We saw it. We saw his grave. He had a dying vision of his wife, and probably his dog too. John Wick 4 was so long that everyone assumed it was John Wick 4 plus a load of stuff planned for John Wick 5 combined to wrap up the franchise. This feels like shenanigans!

“Yeah, Keanu and I have talked. Keanu, if you ask him right now, ‘Would you do John Wick 5?’ He’d be, ‘F—- yeah’. But then he’d look and go, ‘Well, what is it? I have no f—ing idea.’ That’s all. Believe me. It’s not like, ‘We’re going to figure it out today.’ Like, look man, we’re going to do our other stuff for a little bit, but if I was driving in the car or if I was walking the dog and an idea hit me, within 30 seconds I’d be on the phone to Keanu and we’d be riffing.”

There is no news on the upcoming sequel to Without Remorse. The Tom Clancy adaption, starring Michael B. Jordan, was not great and veered wildly from the source material. Rainbow Six was supposed to be the sequel to that, also adapted from a Tom Clancy novel.


Also, there is no news on Shibumi, the adaption of the epic Trevanian novel and long-rumored passion project for Stahelski.

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