John Wick overseer Chad Stahelski has been speaking with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast this week and revealed he still has a hankering to jump into a mega-franchise or two, and also that he has a big idea for one of them.

“Everyone’s got their thing, right? Like I’m a Star Wars guy. The first Star Wars changed my life. Maybe someday out there, Disney, if you’re listening… hit me in a couple of years, and I have a couple of takes for Star Wars. I’d take a swing at that. I challenge you… take a [chance and] if Disney could survive me.”

Unfortunately, what the last few years have shown time and time again is that Lucasfilm is no place for hungry filmmakers with a unique vision of their properties.


Maybe Stahelski would have more luck at Marvel who do, despite some recent issues, have a track record of pairing interesting directors with projects.

“Of all the things out there, I would take a swing at Blade in a second. That’s one that gets under my skin; I’m like, ‘I would take a swing at that.’”

Look, I’ve worked for Marvel, a bunch. They’ve been very, very good to me. And certainly, Kevin Feige has almost been like a mentor in a capacity with the advice he’s been very happy to give me about opening a franchise with ‘John Wick.’

We’ve talked about it. But they have a very good formula, and they have their thing going, and I think they’ve got the right people involved in ‘Blade’ now, not that I’m in the inner circle. But we’ve had talks, but for whatever reason, things come together for [a reason], and there’s a good fit for them now.

If anything was going to happen, they would have to wait for Stahelski’s dance card to clear out. Right now he’s stacked with projects, from the Highlander reboot starring Henry Cavill, through video game adaption Ghost of Tsushima, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, up to a potential fifth John Wick.

Blade, meanwhile, has finally settled on a director in the form of Yann DeMange and will shoot this year for a 2025 release.

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