The long nightmare is nearly over. These are the voyages of the USS Millennial, its insufferable, and unlikeable crew behaving like over-emotional children and never in danger of encountering anything like serious professionalism anywhere on their mission. Now they are setting course straight into the trashcan of history. The fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+ will be the end.



If you would all be so kind as to fuck off, keep fucking off as far as you can fuck off, and when you get there, fuck off some more…


We have known this for a while, but what wasn’t known were the details as to why this abomination of a show was ending up its run at least two seasons earlier than most of its predecessors… apart from the obvious, it just wasn’t very good.

Lower Decks get good reports. Strange New Worlds started strongly but has completely lost its way in Season 2. Picard needed a change of showrunner for somebody who actually understood Star Trek to deliver a rousing finale season. Star Trek: Discovery started badly and just got worse.

With jarring shifts of direction, as it struggled to course correct, it managed to scrape renewals. Now it has been revealed that this fifth season wasn’t originally set up as the finale. When mid-way through shooting a season not planned as the finish you get told to wrap it up at the end of the existing episode orders, that’s a cancellation.

Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes did an interview with Variety where this was revealed. He said:

“I directed the first half of the finale of Season 5, which turned out to be the real finale. So that was a very emotional end as well. When we did it, we didn’t know it was the end. And then [‘Discovery’ executive producer and director] Olatunde Osunsanmi had to go back up and do two or three days of new stuff to actually make the finale the finale.”

The final season of Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on the Paramount+ service in early 2024.

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