They flip, they flop, they charge around like headless chickens in search of a plan. Then, when all else fails, they fall back on a prequel. It is the tedious predictability of total Hollywood idiocy that would be amusing if it were not so frustratingly tragic. So, with an air of resigned acceptance, we report on Star Trek: Origins.

Veteran British TV director Toby Haynes has a decent enough resume. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Being Human, the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror and the prison episodes of Andor are all his. He is now making the jump to Star Trek and will be supported by Seth Grahame-Smith (writer of Pride & Prejudice And Zombies, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).


It is a movie, a new theatrical release to be produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and set decades before the 2009 reboot movie. This is separate from a fourth chapter in the Kelvin Universe which is still in active development for the Chris Pine-led crew. This will place it in the late 22nd/early 23rd century. So after Star Trek: Enterprise but before any of the movies or TV shows.

This is also separate from the direct-to-streaming movie Section 31, to star Michelle Yeoh that starts shooting this month in Canada.

With Star Trek: Discovery having been cancelled, Picard ended, but talk of a Picard movie, and a litany of announced but never progressed other projects, it is now easy to conclude that Star Trek is in Lucasfilm and Star Wars territory, and they really don’t have a damn clue what the hell they are doing.

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