We all know seasons one and two of Picard were a disaster. Weak, low-quality television rammed full of things for modern audiences by somebody who had apparently never seen an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in their lives. Then a fan, in the shape of Terry Matalas, was the sole showrunner on season three and he basically stopped fucking about, and gave the fans exactly what they wanted. The fans loved him for it. Beloved characters got the send-off they deserved. That’s a wrap, right? Wrong… possibly.




While everyone has been talking about Star Trek: Legacy, a potential spin-off featuring some characters and the Enterprise-G, the reunited TNG actors clearly had great fun all being together in Picard season three, and now they want to do it again.

Speaking to IndieWire together, LeVar Burton and Patrick Stewart reflected on the great experience of season three and Stewart dropped big hints that he isn’t ready to say goodbye just yet:

“I think we could do a movie, a Picard-based movie. Now not necessarily at all about Picard but about all of us. And to take many of those wonderful elements, particularly from Season 3 of Picard and take out of that what I think could be an extraordinary movie. I keep telling people and mentioning it, and so far there’s been no eager response, but it might well happen. And that would be I think a very appropriate way to say, ‘And goodbye folks.’”

Burton says that if this is it, it is still not a bad ending:

“I think for the most part, I think all of us feel this the same way, basically. If this is indeed it, I don’t believe we could possibly have gone out in a better moment for the crew, and for us as a family.”

The Section 31 film starring Michelle Yeoh is a movie, but one made specifically for Paramount+. This could be a route for any last TNG adventure. However, they need to get past the current Star Trek administration at Paramount, the kind of people who put Discovery on the air.



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