I fucking hate spiders! I hate them so much, I am surprised I am writing about this. I didn’t even make it to the end of the trailer and won’t be watching Sting, so somebody else will have to tell me if it was good.

Sting is an upcoming creature thriller movie starring Ryan Corr, Alyla Browne, Penelope Mitchell, Robyn Nevin, Noni Hazelhurst, Silvia Colloca, Danny Kim, and Jermaine Fowler. Sting spins a web (do you see what they did there?) of thrilling terror when 12-year-old Charlotte’s pet spider rapidly transforms into a giant flesh-eating monster, forcing the young girl to fight for her family’s survival.

I have scuba dived with sharks, hand-fed a tiger and once called a camel a c*nt to its face, but seriously, I am such a complete pussy with spiders that I can feel my skin crawling as I write this. Searching out images to put in this article gave me all kinds of ick!

Australian filmmaker Australian filmmaker Kiah Roache-Turner is quietly building quite the resume. 2014 film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is frequently listed as one of the best underrated zombie movies. Roache-Turner’s other work includes DaemonRunner, Nekrotronic, and 2021’s Wyrmwood: Apocalypse. This is Roache-Turner’s first creature feature.

Sting is produced by Jamie Hilton, Michael Pontin, and Chris Brown. It is written by Roache-Turner and opens in North American theaters on April 12, 2024.

I would like to write more, but the featured image I chose for the top of this article just did me in.


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