Alongside the new James Bond, probably the hottest and most sought-after roles in movies right now are as members of the Fantastic Four. A prime seat aboard that Marvel gravy train that will keep chugging along for a good while yet, even if the speed is dropping. Sequels, spin-offs, cameos, and team-up movies beckon as a decade or more of work and a place on the A-List is up for grabs as the very future of cinema looks set for a seismic shift. It is like a career lifeboat in stormy seas.




Casting rumors have been swirling for months, with names coming and going. The Hot Mic’s Jeff Sneider has had a fair few names in the frame over recent months, and one name that keeps coming up is Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm. According to Sneider she isn’t just in the frame, but is set.

Wait… there is more! We have all been speculating for a while just how 2023, Millennial / Gen-Z thinking and Hollywood in general can mess this up. In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm life… ah… finds a way.

Also according to Sneider, Sue Storm will be the leader of the Fantastic Four, not Reed Richards. That’s right Outposters. If you can’t race swap ’em, then emasculate ’em! White men in charge is just so last century. White women, apparently, are just fine.




Expect Fantastic Four to be late for missions, and then have to abort because nobody thought ten minutes ahead to charge their devices before leaving the Baxter Building. Everything will be the fault of Richards, Johnny Storm, or Ben Grimm but if they don’t know why, then she won’t tell them.

Adam Driver and Matt Smith have been mentioned as Reed Richards. Sneider claims the role is still open, but Galactus, Johnny Storm, and The Thing are cast.

Jack Quaid’s name was mentioned for Johnny Storm, but Quaid himself says he is flattered, but no! Josh Friedman was rewriting the script and Matt Shakman will direct. Fantastic Four is due out in 2025 but may slip if the actors and writers remain on strike for much longer.

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