Yesterday came the news that Pruitt Taylor Vince will be playing Jonathan Kent in Superman. It was noted that he was a character actor. According to The Wrap they have cast another character actor as his mother.

Neva Howell (Logan Lucky, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul) has reportedly been cast as Martha Kent on the James Gunn project.


As we noted yesterday, as the movie was previously titled Superman: Legacy, and some of the plot deals with him finding his place in a world with both his Smallville values and his Kryptonian heritage, early in his Superman career but not as an origin story. This also happens against the backdrop of his developing relationship with Lois Lane at the Daily Planet.

If this is not an origin story, then it might be reasonable to assume this is a version of the story where Jonathan Kent survived and Superman’s parents are his moral rocks, providing their son guidance as he starts to make his new life in Metropolis.

Actresses to have played the role over the years include Phyllis Thaxter in 1978’s Superman, Diane Lane in Man of Steel, and Eva Marie Saint in Superman Returns.

Filming is underway right now as Superman prepares for a July 2025 debut.

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