Shooting started yesterday. It has begun. A new Superman is coming. To mark the first official day of shooting on Superman: Legacy there was some surprise news. First of all, director James Gunn revealed the first image that shows part of the costume. This was the shield that will be the symbol of the house of Jor-El and adorn Superman’s costume.

The second, bigger surprise is that he has changed the title of the movie. All this was announced on what is, in canon, Clark Kent / Superman’s birthday. He explained on Threads:

“When I finished the first draft of the script, I called the film Superman: Legacy. By the time I locked the final draft, it was clear the title was SUPERMAN. Making our way to you July 2025. Happy Birthday, Clark!”

So Superman: Legacy is no more. From now on, it is simply Superman.

As for the costume, the colors are not as bright as the Donner version, but not as subdued as Snyder. They maintain the current fashion for texture materials, rather than spandex. The ‘S’ itself is more old-fashioned than recent iterations, harking back to some earlier comic books.


The first look at any costume element from the movie


Gunn was perhaps spurred to reveal this because an AI-generated image of star David Corenswet in costume was floating around the internet with people claiming it was official. Not so fast, says Gunn, that is absolutely not a real image.

Recently, at the SAG Awards, Lois Lane actress Rachel Brosnahan said it was thrilling to hear Gunn’s words aloud during their first table read:

“It was pretty amazing, some of us met for the first time. Some of us got to see each other again. It was amazing to hear the script out loud. As with all of these films, there’s a lot of action sequences and things. So to hear the pacing of the film and to get to hear these characters occupied by the actors who play them is really fun. It’s also a great group. You can’t ask for more than that when doing something like this.”

Now just Superman, it opens in cinemas July 11th 2025.

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