SWAT was cancelled after six seasons, then it wasn’t. Just a few days later they ordered thirteen episodes to form a seventh, and final, run. Then it was to end.

Only it isn’t. The Shemar Moore-led series on CBS is midway through that “final” run, and the numbers are in. They are good enough that the studio has renewed the show again for an eight season.

Yes! One more police procedural for network television, to fill in the gaps between pharmaceutical advertisements.


They have also dropped any reference to the eighth season being a “final” season. The show pulls in 6.1 million viewers, which is a lot in today’s terms. The final episode of M*A*S*H got 106 million viewers, but those days are long gone.

CBS has been renewal-happy lately, FBI has a three-season order, taking it up to a ninth season, while various NCIS iterations will also be renewed.

The jury is still out on The Equalizer though.

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