First, there was Barbie, now there is Swift. Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert movie has gone absolutely massive. Some surprise previews, announced only at the last minute, managed to pull in $2.8 million despite no notice being given.

Then the Friday numbers came in, looking like a $50 million opening day and a weekend haul projecting out to as much as $130 million weekend overall. Already, reports and footage is being shared from inside packed cinemas as hordes of white women and gay men shriek and scream along to the words of songs. Many such cases.

Check one out for yourself right here. It is on something called TikTok, which we believe today’s youth use to conduct dance-offs with each other while pointing at words on a screen.


My God, it’s pixelated and full of white women!


Remember, this movie cost almost nothing to make and publicize. This is nearly pure profit. The only thing stopping it now is if it turns out to have been very front-loaded and the hardcore Swifites were all booked in on Friday night, with low returning viewers.

If it holds, it will end up with the third biggest opening of the year behind Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The cult is doing its work, with a perfect 100% critics (8.7/10) and audience (4.9/5) score on Rotten Tomatoes.

There are other things on at the movies this weekend, But none of them are news. You could go and see Paw Patrol, I suppose.

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