The Accountant was great fun. A sort of autistic John Wick that made no sense at all, but you just didn’t care and went along for the ride. Affleck starred in the films as Christian Wolff, a highly skilled accountant with autism who moonlights as a forensic accountant for criminal organizations.

He uncovers some troubling discrepancies at a client – a robotics company – and finds himself drawn into a conspiracy that pulls in law enforcement, his criminal clients, and even his family. Jon Bernthal played his operator brother Brax, with JK Simmons, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson as officers at the Treasury Department.

The Accountant made $155 million worldwide and later became the most-rented digital film in 2017. So a sequel was inevitable. Affleck, Bernthal, Simmons, and Addai-Robinson will all return, with deals in place. Gavin O’Connor returns to direct from a script written by original movie writer Bill Dubuque.


According to a report in Deadline, the sequel begins when Addai-Robinson’s character’s former boss is killed by unknown assassins, and she’s forced to contact Christian to solve the murder. With the help of his estranged but highly lethal brother Brax, Chris applies his brilliant mind and less-than-legal methods to piece together the unsolved puzzle.

As they get closer to the truth, the trio draws the attention of some of the most ruthless killers alive – all intent on putting a stop to their search.

Artists Equity acquired the sequel rights from Warners and set up the project at Amazon. Affleck, Matt Damon, Mark Williams, and Lynette Howell Taylor will produce.

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Source: Deadline

Check back every day for movie news and reviews at the Last Movie Outpost